Un siglo de ‘buena voluntad’ en el Sur de California
Durante 100 años Goodwill del Sur de California ha buscado el bienestar de la comunidad (Foto: Hispanos Press)

A Gustin Moscorro just completed training that enables the collection of lead samples in areas affected by pollution of the toxic substance. But it was through a job center in Los Angeles he learned of the course.

«I was in a bad economic situation when it comes to this place and got the course information» Moscorro, who is raising her five year old son as a single parent she said. ‘The center has been an advantage for me and the people who work here have motivated me. What I like most about here is the desire and passion of them to help others . «

Moscorro took the course in Latt Tech and just get a job at an environmental research company based in Ontario, California.

«There are many people who do not know about this kind of help. I was one of them, who came here seeking help and always say to those who need to come to WorskSource Center , because there are people waiting to help them, «said Moscorro

A center with many opportunities

As Moscorro, hundreds of people in the Los Angeles area get support Center Company Jobs Goodwill of Southern California , in obtaining employment or prepare for the labor market. The center is located at 342 N. San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles.   

Moscorro Augustine is one of hundreds of people in the Los Angeles area get support Center Company Jobs Goodwill Southern California (Photo: Hispanic Press).

The service offered is free and to choose them, people enroll in and attend the center every Monday offers. Then it is determined whether eligible including being over 18, have documents that allow them to work legally and demonstrate that they are willing to find a job .

Once accepted, they are assigned a person in charge of your case, providing you with individual advice, monitors need transportation for work or an interview, be prepared for the interview, prepare your resume. If the person needs classes of English, sent to ESL classes.

Carmen Jacinto, program director of Goodwill Career Center, said that during the fiscal year of the establishment, from July to June next year, must register 1,650 people

«We have seen fewer people coming to the center, especially because the economy has improved a bit,» Jacinto said.

They have also seen people who have worked for many years for the same company without a certificate or diploma and when they need to seek employment elsewhere, do not have the skills to do so, especially through the Internet.

«That’s why we’re here,» Jacinto said. «Because we have employers who can contact them and help them move forward.»

To obtain jobs, the Center provides services contracting with companies that need it, at no charge. To do so, company representatives come to the place or the center select qualified attending the place to prepare workers.

«We get calls from different companies, from small to large companies that need staff. We also have employment agencies when they need to hire staff and do not know where to go, we contact us, «Jacinto said.  

Another aid they provide are transportation vouchers, twice a year, on the first Saturday of the month. Coupons can obtain anyone who needs it, whether or not recorded in the center and they can get discounts on buses.

Training for those in need

Vocational training can range from 2 weeks to 6 months and offers a certification that helps them return to the labor market. These certificates include the areas of health care, production, safety, transportation, among others.

The population reaches the Center for support includes low-income or homeless, veterans, or those who receive federal aid like food stamps.

«We help the neediest people and they really need a job,» Jacinto said, noting that most people who do not speak English are Chinese or Latin origin.  

Carmen Jacinto, director of employment and training program, noted that many of the beneficiaries are Latino (Photo: Hispanic Press).

Goodwill of Southern California also has a training program for people with physical or mental disabilities to incorporate them into the labor market. This program also includes assistance in finding work.

One such program is the maintenance services in which you train people to work in cleaning offices for a period of 80 days. Once the training is completed, they are hired by different companies, either within Goodwill stores or in the private sector.  

But they also offer such training to people who have been released from prison and need to be reintegrated into society and the labor market. The program, coordinated through THE RISE, gives them the opportunity to earn a salary during the training period, plus advice for finding a job.

Robert Dixon, the current supervisor of the maintenance program is an example of what Goodwill offers people just out of prison.

«I could see, first hand, as the motto of Goodwill operates,» transform lives through work ‘ . My life was transformed with the job , «Dixon, who uses his own experience to encourage others to change their lives said.

«Goodwill gave me the platform to prepare for my life. And when [students] tell me they can not do it, I say that if I did, they too can, «said Dixon, who has been with Goodwill for ten years.

A century of «good will ‘

The company Goodwill Southern California is the engine behind these services for those who need to enter or return to the labor market in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino.

The beginnings of the company go back a hundred years ago, with the effort of Katherine Higgins, who founded the company on this side of the country, in a location near Olvera Street. There was selling goods at low cost and employing immigrants or people low income.

Goodwill programs, a company nonprofit, are funded mostly by donations to the stores, which are then sold at low prices.

«When people give, they are actually helping your own community, especially individuals who need help in their community,» said Marla Eby, director of marketing and communications for Goodwill of Southern California.

To commemorate this event, Goodwill at an art exhibition in the Museum of Justice Socia l, in the Methodist Church, located at 115 Paseo de la Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90012.